Top repair job, guaranteed

blog-3THE team at Ken Morley Smash Repairs moved into the new purpose-built facility in early December 2016 and business has been booming since.

After 31 years at 11 Forge Street, the business was almost bursting at the seams.

At 19 Houtman Street the workshop is double the size and gives staff ideal working conditions.

At the old shop up to six people would have to move all their gear for the next person to start work on a car.

All staff now have a workstation with all equipment they need within reach.

The move has also improved productivity overall with 40 to 50 cars going through a week.

“A car that would have taken four or five days at the old shop takes two or three days here,” owner Pat Morley said. “The layout has been streamlined.”

At the old location moving cars was also a strenuous activity.

Cars were kept at three lots other than the workshop due to a lack of space.

It would take two staff members an hour just to park all the cars at the end of the day.

This task has been eliminated at Houtman Street because all cars are parked at the site and the gates simply need to be locked at the end of the day.

All equipment at the new location is brand new and state-of-the-art.

“We have the higheststandard of equipment,” Mr Morley said.

One of the more exciting additions for the team is the car-o-tronic which fixes structural damage by bending the car back into shape using a computer system.

The team are proud to do the best work possible on every repair they complete and offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs.

“We have a comprehensive quality control process,” receptionist Jacinta Morley said.

“Three people check each car before it leaves the shops.”

This process catches any imperfections which is fixed before the vehicle is handed back to the customer.

Ken Morley Smash Repairs works for all insurance companies and private work. Obligation free quotes are available.

“It doesn’t matter who customers are insured with they can request us,” Jacinta said.